As the current pandemic situation continues to progress there are many uncertainties in the the world right now.  Lots of people are worried about how they're going to make ends meet and many others unable to be with those that they love.  It is an unprecedented time that requires compassion, understanding and flexibility from us all.  As we all adjust to the new "normal", this is something that we all need to keep in mind.

Colorado is currently at the point where many people, including tattooers, are getting ready to return to work.  Unfortunately, this isn't a return to business as usual.  Tattooers (amongst others) are allowed to return to work under "strict precautions" as of May 1st.  The exact details of what "strict precautions" are is still a little unclear.  Gov. Polis is expected to release details on the matter soon.  What we do know at the moment is that social distancing measures and extra sanitation need to be in place.  Of course, I can't tattoo you from 6 feet away, so here's the precautions that I'll be taking when tattooing resumes.  All of these precautions will be in place strictly for the safety of myself, my clients, and our families.  Some of these precautions may seem excessive to some, but safety is always my #1 concern and these precautions are mandatory.  If you're unwilling to abide by all of these precautions, then you won't be getting tattooed until you are ready to follow the rules. 

 -Please come alone to your tattoo appointment.  The less people we have here the safer we'll all be.  Please, ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN

-Masks will be required by artists and clients both.  I'll be wearing one for your protection, I expect you to show me the same respect.

- Hand washing will be frequent and thorough by artists and clients both. 

- Client temperatures will be taken via touchless thermometer prior to getting tattooed.  If your temp is anything other than normal then we will reschedule your tattoo appointment.  Please do not be offended by this precaution as it is very important to the screening process.

-I'll be taking extra time between clients to thoroughly sanitize all working and common areas. 

-If you feel ill in any way, please contact me to reschedule your appointment.  All deposits will be honored and I'll do my best to reschedule in as timely a manner as possible.


I've recently relocated to a private, appointment only studio, so there won't be any large congregations of people and we'll be pretty low risk and isolated from others.  Aside from creating world class art for people, my focus is, has and always will be the safety of my clients and my family.  None of these precautions are meant to be discriminatory in any way and are in place for the safety of all.  As we all know, the situation could change at any moment and we'll all need to be ready to adjust to whatever changes come our way.  I'll do my best to keep my site updated with any and all pertinent information related to tattooing and COVID-19.


Thank you all for your understanding and patience.  We'll all get through this.  Wash your hands and stay healthy!